Cattle Baron #TableView #Blouberg #CapeTown – Chain Steakhouse of the Year 2017 – #wolftrap

Why is a Cattle Baron Tableview Blouberg Steak better than the rest?
The quality of our meat is initially determined by its origins and grading (A Grade only – purple roller mark from approved suppliers), after which the primal cuts are expertly aged for 21-28 days under careful supervision of the owners. The initial aging takes place on the bone and accounts for about a week of the process, after which the primal cuts are separated and aged individually. Detailed graphs and documentation are maintained over this period, documenting the origin and aging parameters during aging. The texture, tenderness and flavor profile of the meat is significantly enhanced as the aging takes place and the natural enzymes do their work.


Our steaks are cut, trimmed and prepared in-house which affords us more control of the final quality of the meat, and allows our customers to order from a 200g to a 1,5kg steak depending on the cut of meat and their preference.

Chateau with butter

We use stringent selection criteria per steak order with attention to color, texture, fat content and appearance.
The grilling procedure and seasoning is our secret, but we can say that we keep the surface of the steak as free from moisture as possible, in order to improve the caramelized sear.

We do not use radiant grills, but instead use grills packed with fire stones (lava rock) which are heated and in turn heats the meat. These grills distribute the heat better and allow for more consistent grilling. We hereby also avoid the gassy taste caused by radiant grills which tend to flare up due to fat and oil and allow the gas flame to come in direct contact with the meat.
So without disclosing any trade secrets, the aforementioned gives you some insight into why we were chosen as the chain Steakhouse of the Year 2017 #wolftrap recently.

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