Cattle Baron #TableView Blouberg Monday BURGER #SPECIAL. #grillguru approved

Over a long time, hamburgers have become a favourite throughout the world. Many food outlets in South Africa compete in this market and culinarians write books devoted to the search of the biggest and best burger. You will find this versatile and sought after food in small diners and in Michelin-starred restaurants. Recently a restaurant created a $5,000 hamburger served with champagne and some accompanying fanfare.

The Cattle Baron in Tableview Blouberg considered improving on the aforementioned but decided to focus on the quality rather than the price. We went about creating a burger which matches the quality of our steaks and built three secret processes into our burger manufacturing system which resulted in a 1. Juicier 2. More Tender 3. Tastier burger.

Burgers many 1

In order to allow many more people to experience this phenomenon, we decided many years ago to introduce the Monday burger special. Buy one Get one free – Main Menu burgers. Terms and Conditions apply. See Table Talker

Let’s celebrate this extraordinary successful meal which is so versatile and is served in a multitude of formats and flavours. Burgers, like pizza; lends itself to the addition of a virtually unlimited range of toppings and therefore appeals to a wide range of tastes.

Rustic chips in steel basket

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