Cattle Baron #Tableview #Blouberg #MotherCity #CapeTown famous complimentary vegetables

The famous original Cattle Baron vegetables

Our famous Cattle Baron vegetables made based on the original recipe as per the first store in Bellville established in 1987.

It is still one of the most sought after quality Cattle Baron products to this day, possibly matching the first and only ‘Chateaubriand for one’, for which we are famous. The original recipe formulated by the founder Ronnie’s mother Lulu was written down by us 18 years ago whilst Lulu went about her daily and much appreciated- a handful of this and a pinch of that –Thanks Lulu –RIP. This recipe for creamed spinach and savoury butternut still evades all who try and copy. It’s possible that the heart of our concept lies within these products and that somehow they cannot be produced outside of our group. We cook from the heart. It has to be produced in a Cattle Baron kitchen – Lulu is watching.

Our valued customers have over the past 26 years adopted the vegetables as part of their dining experience and are fiercely protective of every 130g complimentary vegetables we serve with main meals.

Our creamed spinach and savoury butternut are produced fresh daily. The high demand from Monday through Sunday and our stringent quality assurance systems ensure freshness at between 200 and 350 portions at Cattle Baron Tableview Blouberg per day. The raw ingredients are carefully inspected upon receipt from our approved suppliers and then prepared with passion using carefully detailed and documented systems, recipes and procedures. All this is done under the watchful eyes of highly trained Cattle Baron Chefs.


Is it the creaminess or texture of the creamed spinach?

Is it the sweet savoury tang of the butternut?

Is it the bright cobalt green and contrasting sunshine orange combination?

Is it simply the history, passion, tradition and Lulu’s supervision?

-That is so sought after

Will we ever know?

But we will continue to serve our vegetables with pride and have been doing so at Cattle Baron Tableview Blouberg (18years), Tokai (18 years), Durbanville (13 years), Tyger valley and the rest of the Franchise for as long as our customers demand.

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