Cattle Baron Tableview Summer Fun is here

The Cattle Baron in Tableview is geared towards great summer fun at the seaside. This December to April we will be entertaining our local customers, visitors from the entire South Africa and International visitors. No one will be neglected and the local customers can rest assured that we will look after them with exactly the same care and afford them the excellent service and attention to which they have become accustomed. This blog will provide great information and special offers to all Cattle Baron Tableview customers and followers.

We have a stringent training program for all staff in all aspects of the restaurant and the utmost care is taken to produce excellent quality products under the best possible conditions. We purchase only the best ingredients which affords us the greatest possible chance of producing the highest quality products. All purchases are inspected based on Cattle Baron specs before allowed onto the premises.

The Cattle Baron Steak Ranch in Tableview/Blouberg has consistently been voted amongst the top steakhouses in the country over the past 14 years, including as runner-up as best steakhouse in the country. It is therefore no surprise that this landmark restaurant has grown from strength to strength and has become a Franchise training store with international recognition.

The absolute commitment to world class quality and service has forged the Cattle Baron
Tableview/Blouberg into a mould which is recognised for its excellence; and as the trendy fad restaurants come and go, the ‘old fashioned’ steakhouse endures. Food writers and critics have consistently voted this as the venue of choice for excellent steaks. We are also   well known for our top class seafood, poultry and vegetarian dishes. All steaks are expertly cut and styled in-house after being carefully aged under perfect conditions for 18- 21 days. Only Super AAA Grade beef is served at Cattle Baron Tableview/Blouberg.
It is common knowledge that all those who appreciate a well prepared, tender and tasty     steak know exactly where to find it – the Cattle Baron in Tableview/Blouberg.
Owned and operated by Carlo, Riette, Ken and Desiree since 1996.

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